Marty Greene (martygreene) wrote in s2expressive,
Marty Greene

new to expressive

OK- so, I've got a cutom theme started, and managed to get the date to change a bit more how I'd like it.

I'm trying to figure out how to do a few things. I've tried a couple things I've found in this lovely community, but so far no luck.

1. changing links colors (all of them, at least all in the content, header, and all the comment/add to memories/etc. stuff)
2. changing overall colors- I'd like to change the color of the journal title, the sidebar, and the sidebar headers.
3. changing the text of "previous 20" "back to top" "next 20" navigation
4. changing it so entries which have no title do not default to the date being the title
5. changing font choices (I know on the web you can never ensure certain fonts, but I'd like to adjust the font roster if possible)
6. some sort of separator (horizontal rule, something) to separate title from entry. More needed on my friends page than anywhere else, but overall is fine.
7. Getting rid of the extra space that the entry title's div takes up

Got the color to change everywhere but the main body. Can't figure that one out.
Tags: entries:divider, entries:header, page:borders, page:links:colors, page:skiplinks
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