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SOLVED! Changing white color in Poe


I'm new here and I'll say some things to preface this:

I'm familiar with computers and LJ, but I do not code. The last HTML standard I used by hand was 1.0.
I've read the guides as best I can, and if my answer is in there, I just don't grasp it.
I only want to change -one- element of the theme I've selected. Nothing else, just one color.

If you look at the Poe theme in my journal, the color I want to change is the white or light gray or whatever surrounding the content on the far left and far right. Everything involving content is fine, I just don't like that light color on the outside edges and can't find anywhere in the sheet that refers to it. This is probably due to my own ignorance, but I'm stumped, so I figured someone could probably point me to the likely obvious and staring me in the face answer.

I'm not sure what color I'll change it to, but I understand the hex color codes (ffffff, etc.) so that isn't the problem. I just need to know -where- to plug that code into, of if it's using an image where I can plug in an alternate image.

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