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All entries on my friends page showing my own username

I'm really hoping that someone can help with my custom css, which I've been using for four or five years now.

Unfortunately, recent changes to LJ's backend have thrown up a quirk in relation to entries on my friends page ( (and from poking around other users of this custom CSS (see link below), for all entries in communities, both on the community's main page and on their equivalent of the 'friends page'). Every entry on my friends page is showing not just the name of the person posting the entry (and the community, if relevant) but also my own username.


Example - community:

I have a permanent account, and the theme I'm using is based on mixit. My custom layer, with all of the css code I've added, can be found here:

The original CSS (before I changed colour schemes, added my own header image and some other tweaks) can be found here: Unfortunately, no entries appear to have been made to that journal since 2011, so I suspect the original creator has abandoned LJ.

I haven't - to my knowledge - added anything to how users display other than replacing the user icon image. However, even taking that code out of the CSS override at the end doesn't fix the issue.

I've asked Support, but they're declaiming all knowledge and state that since I'm using custom CSS they can't help, and they won't even tell me what they might have changed in their code that I could even start looking for in the CSS. They may have a point about the CSS, though, as defaulting back to the mixit theme base doesn't cause the issue. But I'm at a loss, and I'm really hoping that some kind person - who knows more about how LJ code things - can help.

The full CSS code in a text box behind the cut, as I suspect it would be easier to grab and read from that than trying to read it on the user theme layer I linked.

Tags: $acct level:paid or perm, entries:misc, s2:theme layer
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