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LJ automatic image-resizing unwanted [SOLVED]

hi ^^

i noticed this yesterday, but it might have happened a while ago - i just didn't see it.
obviously, LJ (recently?) does resize images when they don't have BOTH width & height specified..?

i have this post here with the little avatars. save for the pink one, they were all a bit too big to stand in one line (there were 2 more originally) with their original height of 120px, and a bit pixelated too, so in my entry i specified per html "height="100px". i didn't specify a width because it worked fine like this.
but as i looked the avatars more in detail yesterday (i want to add some soon), the line seemed weird to me - and bingo, the reason is they show now in their original size of 120px. though, the html is still correct in the entry.

i have the same entry with the same code in my dreamwidth here, and since DW hasn't added this resizing bug feature, it still shows how i want/how i html'ed it. i could swear this LJ entry looked how i wanted it, at least in the beginning.. because i had 2 more avatars in the line, and with the 120px size it's impossible.

fact is, as i checked with mozilla's tool "inspector", i came across this:

.j-p-resize-all-images .asset-body IMG:not([class="i-ljpoll-results-bar"]),
.j-p-resize-images-without-sizes .asset-body IMG:not([width]):not([height]) {
height: auto;
max-width: 100%;

it comes from an internal LJ css sheet, nr /:2052

the height is the screwy one, when i switch this off in the inspector the images are 100px like in my html again.
i tried to add this same code in my css and modify the parameters, adding !important, but nothing works. the problem being, there is no "not-auto" parameter, inherit/none shows no change, and of course an exact px amount can't apply to all images/entries. nonsense (like: % alone, empty..) to make the code plant doesn't work either.

how can i get rid of this? i don't want to control all my pics and edit all entries to add the missing heights/widths.
i usually use my images how i upload them, or resize only the entry relevant height OR width (post width, cell height..) when necessary. first because it's enough (without this feature), second i don't know exactly what the other parameter will become or i'd have to calculate it.

as far as i know, you can't override LJ css with user css so your entry html is respected again - but maybe i'm wrong?
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