Reaperfox (reaperfox) wrote in s2expressive,

Help with a custom text box OR removing date/footer text from stickypost please?

Hey guys, it feels like forever since I've messed around with modding LJ! I hope anyone can help though because I'm going loopy here.

My LJ layout is perfect, but I'd like a sort of custom text above my entries, just below the header. Ideally it'd be an "about me | art tag | commissions" type linkbar. Is there any way I can just put some code in that'll add that?

If not, I'll happily just do it as a backdated stickypost, but I REALLY don't want to have a post with a date/subject/footer at the top(or bottom) of the page because I don't want it to be confusing. I don't want it to be mistaken as a journal entry, I'd like to use it simply as an extra custom text box. Is there any way to remove the date/subject from a sticky post?

Basically, I'd like exactly what THIS community has - a top post with no date and no footer and just sitting there looking pretty.

Thanks so much for any advice anyone can offer. I googled about removing dates from sticky posts but only came up with bloggish layout help :/
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