DR34MR (dr34mr) wrote in s2expressive,

SOLVED super simple background color change

okay - i feel like a SUPER idiot for not being able to figure out what i need to fix here - i've looked all through the tags and tried various things - here's my issue:

i'm using inked red at a basic acct level
i look at it in the most up-to-date google chrome browser
so when you're looking at inked red, there's this parchment-like paper in the middle with these beige borders to the far left and right - i want to change that beige color to black and can't figure out how it's done - what do i need to add into the custom css section to accomplish such a thing?

the last thing i've tried is to put the following text in the "custom CSS" box on my customize page:
set custom_css = """
     theme_fgcolor = "#000000"

(if someone could please just give me the code i need to copy/paste in, i'd VERY much appreciate it - i feel like such an idiot)
Tags: page:backgrounds
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