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I am using a modified (sidebar hidden) version of "Joffrey Is the Worst" by thefulcrum with a custom theme layer.

It looks perfectly fine in FF and Chrome but when I load it in IE8, the entries on my main journal page and friends page start "nesting" every time a mood icon is used; the 2em padding is first ignored altogether and then added incrementally to every entry for some reason.

/* mood, music, location */
.lj-currents {padding: 0 2em;}
.lj-currents ul {list-style-type: none; font-size: 11px;}
.lj-currents ul span.entryMetadata-label {margin-right: 0.5em; font-family: Verdana, Tahoma, sans-serif;}
.lj-currents ul li a:hover {text-decoration: underline;}
.lj-currents img {float: left; margin: 0 0.5em 0.5em 0; }

I've Googled somewhat extensively for a hack but haven't been able to find anything that worked; no matter what I do, FF and Chrome both display the journal normally and IE8 just won't. In particular, adding display: inline; had no effect in IE8 but caused all mood icon images to migrate to the far left of the main (alpha) div in FF12.

If anyone has any advice for how to get around this, I'd appreciate it! Otherwise I'll just have to take comfort in the fact that IE users account for about 18% (and shrinking) of the global user base /o\


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Jun. 7th, 2012 07:19 pm (UTC)
It's the float: left in .lj-currents img {} that's messing up the display in IE. I played with the Developer Tools and once I disabled that line, everything went back to normal.

If you're trying to move the mood image to the left of the metadata, that's not the right way to go about it. You'll need to do something like this: Mood icon to the left of metadata.
Jun. 7th, 2012 07:29 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for the quick response -- that did the trick. I'll go and alter the post to solved and remove the layers from public view.

I wasn't actually trying to move the mood image anywhere -- that's how the CSS was in the original layout, but that link might come in handy if I do decide I want the icons on the far left after all -- thanks again!

(Also, your icon is excellent.)
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