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SOLVED! Entries-Header ornament; Links-colors; Header/entries-gap

Hi, I managed to make almost everything I wanted while changing my new LJ thanks to this comm. I was left only with these things.

1. Entries - Header ornament: I would like to move the entry header text a bit to the right and adding this picture before it without moving of the black background behind the entry header. SOLVED!

2. Links - Color:
I changed the color of all the links I wanted except the ones that are displayed at the top, when anybody who's logged in is viewing my LJ (here's a picture for what links I mean). SOLVED!

3. The first entry on my "Friends" page
is lower than the first entry on my "Recent" page. I would like to push the "Friends" entries at the same height as are the entries on my "Recent" page. SOLVED!

WARNING: Adult content on my LJ.
Tags: $acct level:basic or plus, entries:header:ornament, misc, page:alignment, page:links:colors, pageviews:friends
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