theeverdream (theeverdream) wrote in s2expressive,

Changing header image for Camo style

Hi all. I'm trying to follow the directions
here, here, and here and am ending up with various problems no matter how I can think to put the CSS pieces together.

Either I'll have only part of the green from the original Camo style but no custom image, or part of a custom image and part of the green... (ETA: I think right now it's showing all of my header and some green too) (second ETA: I tried some more stuff and then re-copied what I had below, and it's showing no green but a repeat of the custom header to fill up the extra space. And it was the same thing as before and a different result. I am sorta confused especially since the CSS-fu is not strong in me! :) )

Using Chrome... cftest111 is the comm and this is my current CSS... I think I just added everything together because I'm not sure how to combine it.

Thanks for any help!
Tags: header:image, header:nav links
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