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Moving navigation / Page text font / Header size

EDIT: I could solve everything except for question 3 and I'm thanking a)  mad_jaks for having linked me the important entries and b) all users for having asked and answered the entries!

Ehr...does anyone maybe know how I can get rit of my user name that's shown on my lj header? I couldn't find any option anywhere to unclick my journal name or so. I'm sorry.
Thnx Thanx Thanx!


I'm a novice at everything technical about lj but a lj friend recommanded this comm to me and I hope I'm not soundig too stupid with my questions which of I have hundreds but will only aks the most important ones.

Every help would be tremendously appreciated!

Am using Manga Fumi.

Is there a way to move the the navigation links in my header (Recent Entries, Archive, Friends, User Info, Memories) out of my picture? IT disturbs the icture. My user name is shown there as well and I have no idea how to get rid of that, I don't need it.

Can I change the font used for the entry titles, tags etc?

Is there any way I could upload a picture that goes from one side to the other, meaning that it covers the entire length?

How do I know which size a picture for the header I wanna make has to have so that it fits?

I'm so sorry and I thank you, deeply. I'm lost here and I'm grateful this comm exists!
Tags: header:image, header:nav links:font, header:nav links:placement
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