Fish (badforthefish) wrote in s2expressive,

Various Colour issues

Could someone let me know what the right tags are for this entry so I can edit them?


Sorry, but I did look at the tags but could not find anything that worked. I tried using the "tutorial" picture and tried all sorts of different codes but all I get is the main entry font to change colour.

I'm using Ocean Fish.

I'm trying to:

A) change the main "inner box" background from pink to white. I tried:

#content {
background-color: #ffffff;
background-repeat: repeat-x ;
background-attachment: fixed ;

This only works if I use:

#alpha {
background-color: #ffffff;
background-repeat: repeat-x ;
background-attachment: fixed ;

but then I have to add the same thing for #beta, and I'm still left with some pink. I tried with #gamma but it doesn't work.

B) change the font colour on the side bar (where the tags are listed.)

Many thanks.

All the above was solved but I'm left with one problem. When I hover over the list of tags at the bottom of my entries, the colour change to this solid orange block. I'd like to get rid of this please.
Tags: entries:links:colors, page:borders, sidebar:headers:colors, sidebar:text:colors
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