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Sidebar: Calendar link colors, ad placement, userpic linked

Hi, I'm having some Expressive trouble/questions that I couldn't find solved in the tags, so hopefully someone can help me. :) (this layout help would be used for the Plus account I'm posting in.)

Solved! 1. For my sidebar calendar, I would like the days with posts to have a full color background. Currently I have the coding set so that all of the calendar links have a color background, but it's not wide enough and I don't want the Calendar month and archive links to have a background as well. Is there a way to narrow it down? In the Flexible Squares layout it would be the .sbarcalendarposts code, but I don't know how that translates to Expressive.

2. Is there a way to move the sidebar advertisements so that they're at the bottom of the sidebar? Right now it seems there's a banner ad between my profile and calendar sections (Firefox blocks them though, yay), and another one at the end after page summary, but I would rather both ads be at the end.

No can do on basic/plus 3. This has been answered for the Paid accounts, but not for the basic/plus accounts. Is there CSS so that the sidebar profile/default user pic can link to the All Userpics page like in Flexible Squares? Or is that not possible without using a layer theme/Paid account?

Thank you!
Tags: $acct level:basic or plus, misc, sidebar:calendar, sidebar:profile:user icon
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