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SOLVED: Entry/sidebar border color change, moving of nav-links & highlighting subject lines

 Hi, I'm a total newbie to the CSS, but thanks to this comm I managed to customize almost everything I wanted...however there are 4 things I couldn't find anything about (searched the tags through).

1. If it's possible I want to change the color of the border-line between entries and the sidebar to #151B8D Solved!

2. I would like to move the nav-links ("Recent entries, Friends,...") to the bottom of my LJ (under the links "Previous,...") Solved!

3. I would like to highlight the subject line of the entries in some color/basically make a background for the subject line (not sure which color yet) Solved!

4. Moving the first entry on the page 15px higher Solved!

I'm desperate and sleepy and thank you in advance for any help

I'm using CSS for all changes, have Mixit as base

EDIT: Thank you SO much! :-D
Tags: entries:header, header:nav links, sidebar:borders
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