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Replies and comment threads are shown at least two times - SOLVED THANKS

Good day to you...can you please save my sanity?

It's about my own journal, yesterday all was fine and like it is supposed to be. But when I returned today all my entries are kinda messed up. Every comment thread is there at least twice. When you scroll down and you want to go to the next flister's entry the first one's repeated at least once. And the very last reply to a comment thread is also repeated twice. Happens to every comment thread which is longer than three entries. Hard to explain but if you like to have a look:


Doesn't matter if I use FF or IE.

First I thought I'm drunk but my friends see it as well. Since it's just my journal, from what I've seen so far, I wonder if that might be an Expressive bug? I haven't changed anything in my layers for ages. But I wasn't lucky searching so far.
I'm really lost and I have no idea if it changes of its own again.

Any ideas? Or anything heard yet?

Thanks a ton...
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