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Changing color of "Current" in header links

EDIT: never mind! Apparently I needed to enter that line in the "Customize Journal" CSS box, not in my Theme Layer. I did that and it works now.


I made a theme layer and have been playing around getting lots of good information from this comm - thank you!

The navigation links above my header (Recent Entries, Archive, Friends, User Info, Memories) are exactly how I want them except whichever one I'm currently on. That one is blue. I want it green like the others.

I've searched this journal and I think what I need is either:

#header-text .nav .current a { color: #2F542F; }


#header .nav .current a { color: #2F542F; }

However, neither of them work. Nothing I try will change that blue! Can you help me?

Here's my code:

set custom_css = "a {

color: #447F44;
text-decoration: none;


a:hover { text-decoration: underline; }

.page-header1, .page-header1 a, .comments-header, .comment-form-header, .asset-name, .asset-name a { color: #2F542F; }

#header-name a, #header .nav a, #header-text { color: #2F542F; }

#header .nav .current a { color: #2F542F; }


[After this is a bunch of code I got from here to make the text not wrap around the usericon, and it's working great]

So. Where am I going wrong? (Probably everywhere. I am a novice.)

The journal is potc_drabbles

Many, many thanks for any help.
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