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Replace a Header?---FIXED

Hello--I am incredibly new at this whole CSS thing and I'm doing my best to learn, so I apologize if anything I ask seems elementary.

I'm using a Mixit layout (Bookworm Blue) with a Plus Account and all I really want to do is change the header. I like absolutely everything else about the layout but I just want to change my header. I looked here and it gave me a CSS code which I then used appropriately. The image showed up...but it didn't replace the header I didn't want anymore. If this won't work simply because I have a Plus Account then I apologize for taking your time.

What can I do differently to just replace the header?

Here's the CSS code that I used:

background: #000000 url( no-repeat top center;

Thank you very much for your time.

EDIT: Thank you to josiefier for helping me with the problem!
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