January 7th, 2010


Is it possible?

I've been busy fixing my LJ and this comm has helped me out so much!!! Thanks a lot!!! But I have this question. Is it possible to make the background of the entries/sidebar to be a bit transparent so that my background could be seen and at the same time for my posts to be readable? It's my first time posting here and I totally have no clue about CSS so I just copy paste the codes randomly. So sorry if ever I tag this wrong
Hi There

Three part question

I'm trying to update my S2 Mixit layout and I have three questions. My LJ is here http://silentdark.livejournal.com/

There is no space in the meta tags after Music: and Tags: Is there someplace to add at least 1 space after the : for each of these?

The comment line has all these options:
* Leave a comment
* Edit Entry
* Edit Tags
* Add to Memories
* Tell a Friend
* Track This
* Link
Is it possible to remove any of those? Like the last four? It's just wrapping and it's driving me crazy.

Last, the area at the very top where you have your log in, home, post, friends, page, you are viewing your journal, search....how do you change the colors on that?

Hope that's not too much...or to unclear. Thanks.