May 26th, 2009

Header links issue and entry title colours.

Hi, I've been digging around here but I think I don't know the right terms for my search to be effective.

This is my page I would like to be able to move the big link in the header (the Recent entries/archive/friends....bit) and change its width and maybe fonts. But especially I would like to move it down below the picture.

I found here how to move it down but my problem is that under the picture there is not enough place to accomodate it. it goes under the darker gray box that contains the entries.

Also I can't seem to find how to change the colour of my entry titles.

I appreciate any help you can give this hopeless newbie. Any step by step tutorial will also be welcome.


Weird nav link problem FIXED.

I'm redesigning my header and I decided to take out the dividers between the nav links. All went well except...the first letter of the first nav link disappeared along with it.

I've tried padding and changing the location and nothing seems to work.

Any thoughts on how to fix the nav links without bringing back the dividers?

ETA: I've just found that the first two links aren't working now either. Off to experiment more.

ETA 2: I fixed the links by moving them (I think they were overlapping the header area). The "P" thing seems to have been a combination of the font and Opera, and was fixed when I altered the font.