May 22nd, 2007

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how to add a counter

okay. i know there is already a topic in the misc. section that addresses this, but i am beyond confused about the instructions. i've been trying to figure it out for several hours and what i need to do is beyond me. so i apologize for what is kind of double posting.

i really want to add a sitemeter counter to my journal somewhere. i assume the sidebar is the best option, but if there's another one that's easier i'm all for it. the problem i'm having is that i just can't for the life of me figure out how to edit in the s2 layers. is there anyone who can help me? i'm a paid user with rocket as my base theme using expressive. my journal is here.

thanks in advance.
kame - losing focus

Navigation bar problem - Mixit

I'm currently using a style at notthelastsong (Plus account) that originally doesn't include a header image but I managed to add one.
With the header added, the navigation bar moved from the sidebar up to the left side of my header. I managed to move it back to its original place but now the links doesn't work FireFox. They're okay in Internet Explorer but the sidebar concent and my latest post is pushed down with 200px there :S

FF printscreen | IE printscreen

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