October 26th, 2006

linus scream

User icons and entry formatting

I'm having a problem formatting the content of my entries, and I've yet to find a solution for it. I really noticed this was a problem when I tried centering/blockquoting content in my entries, and the content was displaced by the user icon. Also, I don't like having text wrapped the user icons in my entries, and I tried the solution offered here, but that didn't fix it. I also tried .user-icon { float: right; } to see if putting the user icon to the right sode of entries would fix it, and not only did I not like having the icon on the right side, it didn't fix the formattting problem, either.

What I want basically, is for there to be a margin of space below the user icon that is the length of the entry's content. To the right of that, I want the entry's content, and I don't want the formatting of it to be affected by the user icon. I do, however, want the footer stuff (metadata & comment links) to be aligned left with the user icon, rather than the entry content.

Also, how do I change the order of the meta data listed at the bottom of each entry? I want to change the order so that current mood is at the top of the list and location after both mood & music. As it is, the mood icon usually takes up more space than that currrent mood line of text, so it pushes the "location" line of text floating somewhere above it.
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Friends Colours not working?

Is anyone else having a problem with their specified friends colours not working? The background colour around the user icons is still fine, but the text is all displaying as the default link colour (dark blue, for Hills: Midnight). I'm guessing the link colour is overriding it or something. It just started doing this tonight, and it's pretty annoying, as the background for a lot of mine is black which makes the blue unreadable.

Any ideas? I haven't done anything at all to customize link colours anywhere, and I don't have any css that is at all related. And it's doing it in both Firefox and Safari.