September 1st, 2006

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How to replace your header image [Cityscape, Hills, Scribble Cat, Travel]

I figured a good number of people will want to replace their header images on this layout. It's very simple, but you will need the image hosted somewhere, like Photobucket or LJ's Scrapbook feature. The original header image for each theme is a different size, though each are approximatly 1000x200px.

In the "Custom CSS" box, put this:

#header-inner {
background-image: url(your_image.jpg);

If you have any questions, I'm willing to try my best to help.
firefly - kaylee smile

Tag cloud question

Is there a way to unlist a certain tag from the tag cloud? I have a "rl" tag that tags, well, all my real life posts. But there's almost 200 of them, and all but 4 are flocked. None of my other tags come close to reaching that number, and so the 'rl' tag is huge, and the rest are all the same size. Is there a way to ignore that tag in the cloud, or make it so that it's excluded from the count, so it's automatically the biggest size without skewing the ratio like it does now?

I'm very knowledgeable about CSS, and can mostly figure out S2.
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Customizing colors and images

Hi everyone!

I've never used an S2 layout before so I have some questions about customizing it. I will be using the layout for this account, and I've got a paid account. So here are some of my questions:

- How do I go about changing the colors of the entire layout?
- Relating to the above, is there some kind of default stylesheet for this layout that we can use and just change all the variables, and then have LJ use that modified version?
- Is there any way to remove the "Page Summary" block? I don't think I saw an option in the Customize section.
- Any way to remove the "add to memories" link under each entry?

I think those are my biggest questions right now. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks~
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HOWTO: Adding a Flickr Badge to LiveJournal's Expressive layout

I'm feeling quite pleased with myself.

I've been delving into the mysteries of S2 and have been working out how to add custom HTML to a layout sidebar. The first fruits of my endeavours are now online, and I've add one of Flagrant Disregard's Flickr badges.

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And here's one I made earlier.