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Customized S2 Expressive gone

Until Friday I had a S2 Expressive style based on Snowman, and fully customized with added CSS code.

On Thursday I found out that the number of posts / page had changed to 10 instead of 20 (it was later "explained" why in news. I changed that setting back to 20, and the maneuver apparently completely screwed with my layout.
Nothing appeared anymore, neither the initial style it was based on, nor my added customizations.

I tried various manips to try to put it back, and nothing works. Like setting back the Snowman style and copying the CSS code I had kept on my hard drive.

Anyone else that problem?

I settled for a ready-to-use style for the time being, because the absence of *everything* annoyed me, but it has that obnoxious tag cloud and doesn't, OTOH, has the list of useful links I had carefully added to my previous LJ. So I'd like to get it back, but I have no idea how to.

No thanks, LJ. You're lucky I'm a permanent user, but that is NOT what I paid for.
Purple header for ONTD members? Please.
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