Maria Gorbatova (maria_gorbatova) wrote in s2expressive,
Maria Gorbatova

Relative width for layout

Hello, I use the Modern Holiday Red of Expressive Winter, and the only thing I am not happy about is the post width.
I managed to make the layout wider, but I would love to have the width of the layout and entries area to be relative rather than absolute, as I have now.
This would make my journal/friends page wide only if there are wide pictures posted.

I added the following into the custom CSS box to have it wider:

#header-inner, #container-inner { width: 1130px; }
#alpha { width:930px; }
.layout-tw #alpha-inner { width:900px; }

Is it possible to have Expressive Winter with relative widths at all, or I should get used to having a horizontal scrollbar?

Thank you.

PS Permanent account, IE 8, customizing my own journal.
Tags: page:alignment, page:size
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