Des (thagirion) wrote in s2expressive,

Sidebar question SOLVED

I have a question about my sidebar. Av8rmike, I'd love it if you'd help me since you have the set up on your journal that I'm looking for and you were most helpful with my last question. I want to customize my sidebar myself and not use the little box for html that's already offered there. On my old layout I had my sidebar completely writen out. I would like to do that again and have the little dividers that are there for topics like "watching", "Reading", "Gaming" etc. all within the little purple dividers. I'm guessing these are images stored by LJ somewhere on the server. Here's is a Pic where I circled what I mean. On your journal you have these divisions such as, "support links" "weather" and such. This is what I would like to do with my sidebar. Oh and I'm using the Miami layout.
Tags: sidebar:custom
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