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Lots of questions SOLVED

I just got the Miami Cityscape Expressive layout and want to do some minor customization to it. For years I've been using Flexible Square and I'm not exactly sure how I even made my layers for that in the first place.
This is the layer I had for my old one. I'd like to have many of these features again on Expressive. I created a new one I think Here. I did read the beginner's guide and the guide to Expressive but I'm still confused and overwhelmed. I know it says you have to activate it but I'm not sure that I did that or how. I only want to modify what is already there and not even worry about the header yet. Mostly I want to modify the sidebar. I found out how to get rid of Tags, Page Summary and Syndicate. How would I remove the powered by live journal link? I also want to use the Tinyicon code I had on my old site that changes the heads in front of user names. How would I put that back in?

I would like if possible to have my default icon in the sidebar link to my icons page like on Flexible Squares.

I would like to make sections in my sidebar for subjects like Games I'm play, links to my click pets, Shows I'm watching etc and that I can put in images and text with html.

In the posts I would also like to remove Add To Memories, Tell a Friend and Track.

Lastly, I know expressive's widths are set by pixels, but is there a way to set it to percentage? I liked that in Flexible squares there was no wasted space on the sides and if someone had a high resolution or a widescreen monitor my journal filled 95% of the space. Is there a way this can be done?

Sorry if I didn't use the right tag, I'm not exactly sure where these questions fall into. Oh and I'm using IE8. I'm sure I have more questions but I will stop for now. Thanks.

EDIT: I tried a few different tiny icon codes and none work. Do I have to type something first like function for header? I also found the code for adding an image next to the subject like on the Hills layout, but it didn't do anything. I would apprecaite some help.
Tags: entries:linkbar, lj icons:userinfo, page:size, sidebar:custom, sidebar:profile:user icon
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