Fae (faechan) wrote in s2expressive,

User icons, Prev/Next and more - SOLVED

Hi :) I never used Expressive before, so I'm quite confused. I want to use this layout on a new community, right now I'm trying it on faesandbox. I edited just minor things, like the subject size and some spacing here and there.

The main issues are:

1) under the entry icon, the little usericon next to the username is partially covered, while the ones in the entry are okay.

2) right over the subject, I see a little light-grey stripe - it's almost invisible, but it bothers me. I think only the top corners are images, so that part should be the actual layout. How can I make it white as the rest of the entry? What should I look for?


3) I'd like to get of rid of the prev/next buttons between the header and the entries, and leave only the ones at the bottom of the page. Is this possible?

Thank you!
Tags: entries:background, lj icons:userinfo, misc
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