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Mood Themes and Links Lists in S2 Code (Answered!)

I know relatively little about S2 and CSS and whatnot, but, as a kind of pet project, I decided to centralize as many of my (Mixit-based) journal customizations as possible into a custom layer/style.  Basically, I wanted to take anything that had to be specified in the Customize Journal Style page and put it directly into the S2 code. I've combed this community and ones like it fairly thoroughly to figure out how to do this (this comm especially has been immensely helpful), and I've had reasonable success, but I've run into two issues that I can't seem to find answers for, and I was hoping that someone here could be of assistance.

1)  Is is possible to incorporate a custom mood theme into the s2 code?  I suspect the answer is no because LJ needs to handle it directly so that it can be accessed on the posting page (like userpics and tags), but I figured asking would be the best thing to do.

2)  I can't find code for the links list in the sidebar.  I'm pretty certain that can be incorporated into the s2 code, since header links can be changed that way, but I can't find the code for it, nor can I figure out where in my custom layer I should put it.  (This one I feel rather silly asking about.)

I'm currently not using the custom layer/style, so, thankfully, these issues aren't making my journal wonky.  In case it's useful, the layer I'm working on is here.  It's based on this, which is code provided by grrliz for using Mixit/Expresseive layouts on Dreamwidth.  With my personalizations (which aren't yet finished), the code probably looks a bit like Frankenstein's monster, but so far it seems to work fine on LJ.

3)  Lastly, while I'm here, I was wondering if you knew of any resources that would be useful as a kind of s2 dictionary so that reading the code would be easier.  Something similar to what you did for CSS, maybe, but with just the descriptions, no pictures?
Tags: $acct level:paid or perm, entries:metadata, s2:theme layer, sidebar:linklist
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