luna. (cresselia) wrote in s2expressive,

Space between tag icon and tag list; removing 'screened' text from comment linkbar

I swear, every time I change to a new layout I always find at least one thing wrong with it...

So, I've switched to an Expressive/Mixit layout for the first time, and as such, I have a couple of problems and I'm totally lost on fixing them.

There is a large gap between my tag icon and where the tag list actually starts. The problem was addressed here - so yes, I did look through the tags for an answer - but the solution provided failed to fix it. I've tried putting it in every relevant portion of my code, but it still didn't work. SOLVED. Thanks!

Also, I'd like to know if it's possible to remove the "w/Screened" text from my comment linkbar? If it's not, that's alright, since I don't screen posts that much and therefore don't see it much anyway, but it's still rather distracting. SOLVED.

Thanks in advance!
Tags: entries:linkbar, entries:metadata
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