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Meta List Class ReplyTo Page, Theme Layer SOLVED

Sorry me again. But I hope you can help me out more easily.


If I reply from my mail inbox the page I get looks like that 'Reply To Page'
When I reply directly in my journal it looks like this 'Direct Reply'

The background behind the comment links is missing when you open the first link.  It seems there is no class in my CSS which belongs to those .asset-meta-comments on that first page I linked to. Could you tell me what the class is called? I hope you understand what I mean.

I checked the breakdown by carriep63  but that page is not listed I didn't see it at least.


Since the host I uploaded the stylesheet isn't as reliable I wanted to create a theme layer.
I did read your instructions here at s2expressive and used this code below. But I must do something wrong because it saves and compiles and all I get is a white page. Any ideas what I do wrong?

layerinfo "type" = "theme";
layerinfo "name" = "Edinburgh";
set base_theme = "__none";
set theme_designer = "";
set theme_designer_type = "";

set custom_css = """
/* Your Custom CSS goes between the quotes */
-->my css code<--

Tags: bug:lj issues, pageviews:entry, pageviews:reply
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