Tina (flummy_pumpkin) wrote in s2expressive,

CSS Problem with Comment Box

First thanks for the TinyIcons entrys. You Tags page totally helped me out :))  Now I have a problem with my comment boxes. They do not look as supposed to.

Nicked this form from another journal, just to make this a little clearer.

flummy_pumpkin my own
S1 oder S2: S2
Layout Stil: Expressive
Account Art: paid
Problem: CSS Problem with comment boxes more behind the cut

The left top corner of my comment box is supposed to be round like the right top corner

But I have no idea what to change to make it visible. I did try a few things but something keeps vanishing.

The whole stylesheet: CSS

Just the needed (think so) code

Would be nice if anyone could help me, thanks in advance! I hope I did the tags properly! 
Tags: advanced, comments
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