V. (aurora_84) wrote in s2expressive,

Usericons linking to allpics.bml [SOLVED]

Hi everyone!

I've been trying to set up my journal without knowing anything about CSS. I luckily found some great premade layouts and now I just want to change one little thing: I want the usericons of the people who leave a comment in my journal to link back to all their userpics.

I browsed through the comm tags and found this entry, which is basically requesting what I want. However, when I tried that code, it didn't work for me. Instead my text entries and moodtheme images also started linking to my userpics, so for now I turned it off.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Oops! Apparently I had not closed a bracket somewhere. The code in the link above works perfectly now. Thanks, av8rmike
Tags: entries:user icons
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