Ashonorion (ashonorion) wrote in s2expressive,

Profile mod & Banner problems

I'm pretty new at all this but I've looked around and can't find the answers. Could someone please tell me...

1)  How to mod the color/size/etc of the "Profile" heading. I've got it fixed for every other link/heading but for some reason, the profile one is left the same.

2) I'm working with a 3-column layout and I can't get the banner to stretch across the whole inner-page. There's space on either side which I can replace with an image/color using the body, #header tag, but I was wondering if there's a way I can have the banner across the lot.
(I've already tried resizing the banner but it shrinks down to the same size when I try it on lj.)

Thanks in advance.

Tags: header:image, sidebar:profile
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