Marah Marie (marahmarie) wrote in s2expressive,
Marah Marie

How do I fix my header graphic in IE 7? [SOLVED!]

While I awaited an answer I looked around for hacks. I found so many I fixed the header graphic not just in IE 7 but in IE 6, along with a few other problems - I hadn't tested in IE 6 until about 10 minutes ago, so this was quite a feat.

To fix the misplaced image in IE 7:

*:first-child+html #header-inner {margin-left: -10px !important;}

To fix the misplaced image in IE 6:
* html #header-inner {margin-right: 0 !important;}

I never knew you could use the *html hack to fix just about anything wrong in IE 6, but now (so many years later!) I finally do.

On anti_aol my header graphic (the blue ribbon) is just where I want it in Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome.

In IE 7 the header graphic margin is wandering off just 5 pixels to the right.

I can fix it in IE by adding 5px to the left margin on header-inner (header-inner is where Liz attached the image and I stuck wih it) but that just makes the header wander off 5 pixels to the right in Firefox and all the other browsers.

Is there any way to get it to position right in IE and all other browsers? (Using Mixit with a competely recoded version of the P.S. I Love You layout at thefulcrum).
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