Melly (squoctobird) wrote in s2expressive,

Text/Icon Alignment in FF vs IE

When I set up the coding for my layout, I found the codes from here. I wanted to keep the text from scrolling/wrapping under the icon in the posts. I made a style sheet and that fixed the issue. When I did this I was using IE. I now have a new computer and have started using FireFox. The text is now showing up under the icon again.

I came back here trying to find the orignal post I found the code in to see if there was something to add/remove for FireFox, but I can't find it. The closest I can find to my delima was this post, but I want the opposite. I want the version I see in FF to be the same that I see in IE. If you look at that post, I want the SECOND option.

Not sure if it makes any difference, but I have a permanent account. Help? Please.
Tags: entries:text, entries:user icons
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