dukesawolf (dukesawolf) wrote in s2expressive,

Blockquote and IE problems

Hai guys,

I recently decided to make a custom style out of Expressive theme.  I read and studied previous entries with some of my questions that have been answered already and they were very helpful indeed.  Except for a few things I really don't know where I am doing wrong.

First thing, I am a Plus account user, and used Subway White as base theme (should I be using Unstyled instead?)

Here are my problems:

- This  blockquote script doesn't seem to be working. Really, I just want to change the font color :|

.post-asset .asset-body blockquote {
font-color: #a66520;

- Reducing the space between the entry header and time stamp.

- Lastly, the script I made doesn't seem to work on IE6 (except for the comments attributes). The layout I want looks exactly like the one viewed in Firefox.

CSS only please, thank you :D

Tags: bug:browser issues, entries:blockquotes, entries:timestamp
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