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Adding space between the sidebar and entries

Hi! First things first: I have a Plus account, I'm on Mixit with the Bookworm Turquoise theme.

I apologize for the ugly look of my journal right now - whenever I start to redesign my layout, I always make the colours of the different elements really contrasting and obvious to work out spacing, and then change them back later. But hopefully it should make it easier for you guys to understand aswell =)

Sorry, I'm very new to Mixit (ie. tonight) and, while I think I understand CSS pretty well, I'm having trouble getting to grips with this layout. I've only used Flexible Squares and Smooth Sailing previously.

Spacing issue
I want to put 15px between the sidebar/#beta element (orange) and the entries/#alpha element (blue), but I can't work out how to do it while keeping the 20%/80% widths! I want the widths of each element to be percentages rather than fixed sizes so that the sizes change when the window is shrunk. I tried putting in a margin-right of 15px on the sidebar but it didn't do anything =( I've been trying to solve this all night and I'm really frustrated!

I have a feeling this might be something to with some setting in the original base stylesheet, but I don't know...

This is all the Custom CSS I have right now:

Tags: page:size, sidebar:size
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