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SOLVED - Linkable Header Image ::or:: Adding Non-LJ Links to the Header

I was hoping there would be a way I could make my header image linkable so that someone could click on it and go back to my webpage (http://blog.cherryteresa.com).

OR If I really get what I'm hoping for, I'd like to be able to make custom links that go on top of the header. Basically, if you look at http://blog.cherryteresa.com and see what the header looks like... then compare it to http://cherry-teresa.livejournal.com ... I would like the livejournal.com pages to look like the blog.cherryteresa.com page, if that is possible. It doesn't even have to look exactly like it, as long as I can add a link so the person can go back to my page, that would be awesome.

'm trying to make my journal better to navigate around. My lj is embedded in my personal domain and so if someone clicks on any LJ links (like comments, calendar, previous entries, etc.), it takes them away from my dot com page to lj's site. When that happens, I want the user to know how to get back to my site easily.

I'm a paid user using Expressive: Unstyled.

Thank you!

Tags: $acct level:paid or perm, header:image, header:nav links, misc:extra content
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