Lilu Dallas Multipass (stickykeys633) wrote in s2expressive,
Lilu Dallas Multipass

padding between sidebar and header, html in menu header, nav bar colors

I'm back again! And I was doing so well this time around, but I'm running into a couple of snafus.

First off, the constants:

Paid Account

Now the questions:

1. How do I find the html for the navigation bar so I can build and change the colors in my layer? Or even how do I tell the nav bar I want it to show with custom colors and a gradient?

2. I can use html in my header titles, but when I try to use an "< img src" tag I get a weird error. Bold, and Italics, work, but for some reason "< a href" and the image tags don't work. Any ideas? I've used this in the past.

Update: I can't use font tags either. It seems like it only allows basic html, but how do I expand this?

3. There's an odd bit of spacing between the sidebar and the header I'd like to get rid of. I think it's a page issue and I'm not sure how to get it up.

4. In IE6 my nav bar isn't fixed. There's a huge gap of space above the nav bar and it scrolls with the rest of the page. Everywhere else it works fine.
Tags: $acct level:paid or perm, css:in layers, s2:theme layer, sidebar:backgrounds, sidebar:headers
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