hope springs a kernel (oh_mumble) wrote in s2expressive,
hope springs a kernel

several layout questions.

I changed my journal around, but there's some bits I just can't seem to remember how to do. I've tried finding answers in the comm, but there are a few issues I am getting confused with. Help!

  • How do I get a diving line between the entries and the sidebar? Everything I've tried either does nothing, or makes the sidebar disappear completely.

  • How do I change the font of the top links (home, friends, etc), and also get whichever one I am on to NOT be bolded?

  • I somehow have a large space at the bottom of the page, which I am guessing is something to do with spacing out my entries. I just don't know how to make it not do that for the last entry on the page!

  • Comments - whats the code to change how many pixels comments indent by?

  • How do I get rid of the 'select' box in comments?

  • I am using CSS and not layers, and have a permanent account..
    Tags: $acct level:paid or perm, comments, header:nav links:font, sidebar:borders
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