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Header image, nav links, margin/padding ??

Hi. I have a paid account, I'm using Firefox 3, and I'm not sure what theme I'm using. I started with Expressive Witold Chickadee, but then I plugged some code in to the Custom CSS box that I found on this community somewhere and I am in WAY over my head. I wouldn't know which part of the code to share for your review.

I've managed to replace the background and put a different image in my header. The only problem is that the image is behind the navigation links. I tried adding a 13px black bar to the top of my image, but this didn't seem to change anything. I tried changing code on various margins and padding settings but this either changed the wrong thing, or nothing at all. I've looked over the ID and class names diagram, but I can't figure out how to change the height on the back area above my header image. I found this, but I don't have a #container. I'm am so beyond lost. I know enough HTML to be dangerous and style sheet code is like Chinese to me.

Can somebody take a look? I just want to increase the hight of the black part at the top, or lower my header image by 13 pixels.  THANK YOU!!

bonus: And while you're at it, if you're feeling particularly helpful and clever today, can somebody tell me why "Latest Month" over the calendar is jacked up? And why "Profile" over my user icon isn't bold and it's a different font size. What's up with that? I never touched either of these things.

This is my very first attempt to edit an S2 theme. I haven't messed around with code since S2 came out. It was easier to change code with S1.
Tags: header:image, header:nav links:placement, sidebar:headers
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