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argh! help! can't seem to move metadata to the right

I have moved my icons to the right of my entries with no trouble.
However, everything I've tried to (text-aligning and floating) move the Mood & Music, Tags, and the comment links to the right is not working.
I've gone through the memories and skimmed over two years of posts. I can't find a fix. Help, please?

Never mind. I had a backwards bracket. *'.'*

However, I would like to know (I can't find it in the tags) how to make the Prev / Next right aligned (found!) and also how to make the Tags formatted just like the Mood / Music (The "Tags:" is waaay over to the left instead of aligned with the actual tags.)
Also, on the themes that have images (such as leaves) with the subject headings, how do you make the images right-aligned with the text? Is that possible?

Oh! And how do you make the mood icons move to the RIGHT of the word for the mood?
I know this stuff is in this community, I am just having trouble FINDING it. I would appreciate the point-tos. Thanks so much!
Tags: entries:header:ornament, entries:metadata, page:alignment
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