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Getting rid of the horizontal scrollbar {SOLVED}

Hi I'm new to this whole CSS thing and an absolute noob on it!
So far this comm has been very helpful in getting the layout I want but I can't seem to get rid of the horizontal scroll and the extra space that goes with it. I know this has probably been answered a gazillion times but I have spent hours searching for it and I am in my wit's end. So I was wondering if anyone is willing to help me fix this problem because I am totally clueless as to how to approach this.... my browser is IE, I have a plus account and I'm using expressive layout 'Rivers at Night'. So if anyone can help I will forever be grateful!

Also wanted to thank this comm for their help! And sorry if I got the tags wrong!

*/Coding/* (sorry it looks messy *blushes*)

#header-inner {
background-image: url(http://img528.imageshack.us/img528/9149/eternalnightdayce0.jpg);
height: 434px;

#header, #header-content {background-image: none;}

.layout-twt #content-inner {
background-position: top right;
background-repeat: repeat-y;

.layout-twt #content-inner { background-image: none; }
.widget { border-bottom: none; }

#container { background: #000000; }

#header-name {

#header-description {
display: none;

#header {margin-bottom: none;}
#header-content-inner {
position: absolute;
top: 405px;
left: 270px;

#header-text a {font-size: 20px;}
#page-inner {background-color: #000000;}

.asset-tags-list .asset-tags-add-tags:hover,
.asset-privacy-hover {
background-color: #000000;

Tags: page:size
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