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latest Expressive updates

We've fixed some bugs in Expressive and added in some new features:

In addition to choosing whether to display or hide the different sidebar elements, you can now also choose the order it appears in their sidebar(s) using the Customize wizard (no more messing with S2 layers!).

We also added in a couple of new things to the Presentation section of the Custom Options tab.

If you don't like having images (or other large things) cut off when they're too wide to fit in the entry area, you can choose to have a horizontal scrollbar show up on that entry. This is known to work on the latest stable version of browsers. In older versions, scrollbars may randomly show up on entries it shouldn't be showing on.

There's also an HTML box where you can put in whatever HTML you want and it'll show up at the end of each entry. If you want an image divider to go between your entries, or if you want to add a horizontal line or more line breaks, this is the place to put it.
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