О главном в новостях (kit_e) wrote in s2expressive,
О главном в новостях

7 questions

I just started to work with Expressive and there are some things left I canˇt find out.

1. How do I change color of "Recent Entries" for same as "Archive" and so on? And separators color between?
2. How to make this line vanish? (My base is California Poppy, Expressive by CaliforniaWomen.org)
3. How to change color of  "Profile" link if other headers of sidebar were already changed and I canˇt find how to change this one?
4-5. How to make 4 line the same as line 5?
6. How to change color of tags under entry?
7. And how to change Subject color?

Fuhhh... Hope Iˇll get some help.
Tags: entries:header:colors, entries:metadata, header:nav links:colors, sidebar:borders, sidebar:headers
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