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Images as sidebar headers

I'm not sure what I want to do is possible, but I figured if anyone knew, it would be you guys.

In the past, I used Flexible Squares as the base for my customized layouts, but recently switched over to Expressive. For the most part, I like Expressive better, but there's one thing I was able to do in FS that I can't seem to figure out here. In the sidebar, I'd like to use images for the section headers (links, tags, mini-calendar, etc.) rather than text. I know it's possible in other styles, but none of the coding in Expressive seems to lend to using images. The difference here seems to be that, back when I was using Flexible Squares, I was creating an entire new layout layer, and was able to add in the images directly to that layer. With this layout, I'm not doing anything to the base layer, just adding custom CSS and a theme layer. Could this be the problem?

Here's an example of an old layout that had images as sidebar headers: And this is the layout I'm currently working with: pjferret.

If I can't do it, it's not a huge deal. Mostly I just wanted to be able to have the header image font in more of the layout, and since I'm pretty sure you can't embed fonts in LJ and use the font for the subject heading (I'd love that, though!), using sidebar header images is the only other way I can think of. I might also make images for the link bar, since I see there's already a tutorial up for that.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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