♥ ESSENTIAL AMOUR' (essential_amour) wrote in s2expressive,

HELP!!! IM A NEWBIE IN LJ, and i totally dunno how to do CSS! ):

hey all! im here to seek help from all of you. if you all can help me, thanks a million in advance! ):
i've alr tried the Expressive and Mixit Layout Help given by the community. but all i wan is a very plain layout that has a banner on top of my LJ and im able to change the background of the LJ, not the background of the posts that i have. will be glad if im able to edit the posts border. but when i tried to use this, Expressive and Mixit Layout Help, it has all the calendar and advertisement, which make the whole layout very messy. am i able to take all the calendar, navigations bar and most importantly, THE ADVERTISEMENT away? ):

please help! i wanted to open my online shop LJ, but because of this i cant do it. very saddening! wanted to earn money! very brokeee. ): please help me pple, thanks thanks THANKS!
Tags: $acct level:basic or plus
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