Jackson Pearce (watchmebe) wrote in s2expressive,
Jackson Pearce

IE6 Nav Pane? Sticky Posts?

-I just recently realized that in IE6, the sidebar is pushed to the bottom, under the entries. Does anyone know of a way to repair this? Oddly enough, it only does it on my main page-- on my Friends page, the sidebar appears as normal. I'd like to page my journal as all-browser friendly as possible!
-Is it possible to make future dated posts that DON'T show up at the top of the main journal? I'd like to make future dated posts and tag them, so that when a reader clicks a specific tag they have an "intro" of sorts to the posts below. I recall there being a way to do this in bloggish, but can it be done in expressive? I'd also love it if those specific "intro" posts could show up without an icon or timestamp.
Tags: bug:browser issues, entries:sticky post, sidebar:placement
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