Intoolate (anti_aol) wrote in s2expressive,

Background Problem in IE

This one's got me stumped. I switched anti_aol's layout to one of grrliz's styles recently and it's awesome IMO but it has always had this one problem in IE 6 that you can also see here. The gray box around the inner container is not caused by any background color that I can see in the style sheet - unless I'm just plain goin' blind. So I cannot fathom what's doing it. (I'll take a wild guess though it's the positioning of alpha and beta causing some sort of "gutter" to form in IE 6 - if I'm wrong, oh well).

I know people still use IE 6 at home and especially in work environments so I would like to get this working in IE 6 if I can. Any ideas?

Also, for the last week or two someone has been spamming every post I ever made in this community with links to their web-hosting company and related CSS help pages (are they trying to tell me something?) so I'm screening comments now on all posts I've made in s2expressive. I'll leave comments open on this one until El Spam-Me-o starts in again. :)

Oh, and I forgot to mention I don't want the subtitle laying on top of my posts like that either but no matter how I code it I can't get it to stay where it belongs in IE 6 without messing up how it looks in another browser.

I also forgot to say the first time around it's got other problems in IE 6 besides the two I mentioned but I think it would take all day to get through them, and I don't really want to bother - if I could get just the first problem solved I'd be more than happy.

Tags: bug:browser issues, entries:background, sidebar:backgrounds
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