its all too sweet to last (wishyoulove) wrote in s2expressive,
its all too sweet to last

Newbie alert

Hello! I have a few questions, and just a warning, I'm very new to S2. I've already found a style sheet, and I plan on going from there customization wise. But, I still have a few issues, and if anyone could help or point in the direction of a tutorial, I would so appreciate it! =]

Btw, I'm a paid member. So, if that means anything.

1. So, I hear if you want to start from scratch, its best to have no preset style. How do you set your style to "none" if that's what you need to do?

2. How do you go about "making your own style." I've been to the layers section, and titled one for my own, but how do I put it to use?

Thanks so much! =] <3
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