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Problem solved but not by any normal means. LJ's CSS parser is slightly whacked - gossymer has been having some problems with it, too. So I did exactly what she's been doing lately - I uploaded the style sheet to my own web space. Now I can alter the CSS however I like and it can't stop me. If I'd just done that in the first place it would be 7:30 right about now instead of after 11 at night. Grrrr.


Using an s2 Expressive Mixit style sheet by grrliz

LJ won't let me add or modify CSS I'm trying to use on the comment links hover. When I try to upload the CSS with those codes it times out - LJ's way of telling me 'to go fly a kite', I suppose? I've worked on fixing this on and off for hours. I don't have a clue why I'm having such a hard time...

These are the codes I can't add or change:

#comments a:hover, .comment-odd .comment-links a:hover, .comment-odd .commenter-name a:hover {color: #eec506 !important;} - and many more variations on those - I'm also forgetting other codes I tried that worked; every alteration I try works in Web Dev Toolbar but when I try to upload it to LJ the parser won't let me.

Also, I can't find one single "global comment class" (?) to change the hover color on every link in the comments - without having to modify each individual link's hover color.

I just want every link - on hover only - in every comment to display in just one color - color #eec506. How do I do that when LJ is refusing to accept my changes to any of the codes I try adding or modifying?

BTW, I can make other changes to the comment CSS tonight with no problems - so it's not that the CSS parser is on the fritz - I'm sure of it wait, no I'm not.



Jun. 24th, 2008 10:44 pm (UTC)
I was going to ask you if one could avoid LJ's parser errors by entering the CSS through a theme layer but I fell asleep. Blinky did it - he's much too much excitement in one icon for me to handle.

"Basically, the wizard interface times out if you enter a lot of text in the custom CSS or custom sidebar box. By "a lot", it seems to be around 17,600 characters or so."

So in other words, I ran over the parser's "character limit", like I would if I left you a "War and Peace" sort of reply-comment? Never thought of that. I thought the parser was literally rejecting every bite-size morsel I force-fed it - even tiny little nuggets like #comments a:hover {color: #eec506;} - and it was getting me mad because I knew my CSS was OK. I think I was the first person to trigger the same bug on IJ, which was I left - they wouldn't file an official bug report - they blamed me and my coding. I blamed myself too, since they suggested I should - so at least I feel better now knowing it was most likely not my fault.

Did you use the Unicorn icon because of the time-travel element of my edited post? The thing was, if I hadn't wasted three hours uploading CSS that I couldn't upload, instead of it being 11:15 when I edited my post it would have still been 7:30 - that's what I was thinking, anyway... :)

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